Thursday, July 18, 2019 from 6:30 PM8:30 PM


The Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2018/2019 of the Wilton Community Land Trust will be held on Thursday 18th July 2019 from 7:00pm to 8:00pm in St Peter’s Church Fugglestone (the small church by the roundabout on the junction of the A36 and Minster Street in Wilton).

We will also have refreshments available from 6:30pm for both non-members and members. Please can you can confirm if you’re coming via this Eventbrite link as we need to have an idea of numbers for catering, etc.

Various projects have been completed this year and the Our Wilton development is reaching a critical phase as the Veteran’s Centre will be open soon. Our Men’s Shed project is off to a strong start too. We would like your views on the potential acquisition of further community assets such as the old police station and the Sheep Field. We will update you all on these matters and our ideas for the coming year.Importantly there will be refreshments and snacks available from 6:30pm as a chance to mingle with fellow members and Directors. Any non-members can join us for this part of the evening as it will give them an opportunity to decide if they wish to join. From 7:00pm, when the AGM starts, only members can remain.

If you know of some one who would be interested in joining the Wilton Community Land Trust please forward this invitation to them and for the princely sum of £1 (single one off payment) they too can join and attend our AGM –

As required by the Trusts’s Articles, the agenda for the AGM starting at 7pm will be:

1. Approval of the Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting (attached to the members’ email notice)
2. The Directors’ Report 2018/2019 (to be noted – attached tp the members’ email notice)
3. Approval of the accounts
4. Election of directors
5. Any other Business

We have a new Director to propose, Mr Alan Powell, a local resident and architect with considerable experience in sustainable development. Any member wishing to put himself/herself forward for consideration as a Director for the forthcoming year please write to

Please read the Directors Report which accompanied the members’ email, but in particular we seek volunteers/Directors with qualifications and/or experience in housing development; fundraising; legal; charity accountancy.

Please notify AOB items by Monday 15th July 2019

Thank you in advance, and we hope very much to see you on the 18th July 2019

St. Peter’s Church Fugglestone

Salisbury Road / Minster St

Salisbury, Wiltshire SP2