As you may know, a local project we are wholeheartedly supporting is the Men’s Shed. Men’s Sheds are community spaces for people (men and women) to connect, converse and create. The activities are often similar to those of garden sheds, but for groups of people to enjoy together. They help reduce loneliness and isolation, but most importantly, they’re fun.

Work started in 2019 to construct our local Men’s Shed on the edge of Castle Meadow next to the Pavilion off Castle Lane. This land was provided by Wilton Town Council and unfortunately there was some confusion over whether planning content would be needed for the build. It transpires that is is needed and now a retrospective planning application has been submitted with comments invited by Wednesday 5th February.

As usual with these things it would be helpful if you can put in a comment supporting the application just in case there are any objections raised.

Dan, the committee Chair for the Shed, has put out a call for support. We have attached the PDF he’s sent out as it contains details on how to submit a comment in Wiltshire Council’s Planning Portal. But in his own words….

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,

I am writing to appeal for your support with the Wilton Men’s Shed. We are currently in the process of obtaining retrospective planning permission for our proposed premises at Castle Meadow in Wilton.

To assist us in this important application, I am asking people from across our network to show their support for our application via the Wiltshire Council Website.

Your support will help demonstrate the importance of what we are trying to achieve within our community. Hundreds of hours of work, has been poured into the building the Shed, forming the board of trustees and growing its collaborative relationships with other local charities and businesses.

If you feel this is something you could support us with, please follow steps below: (Open PDF attached)

You support is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to making the Shed a charity which supports or community for generations to come.

Kindest Regards,